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Should I Get a Car Accident Lawyer When it Wasn’t My Fault

Car accident lawyers are fairly common in Fort Lauderdale.

To call them a daily occurrence is not a crazy idea or statement since they actually happen on a daily basis. So what should I do once I get in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale? 

Do I call my insurance company? Do I call the police? What if it’s not even my fault but I feel like I’m being blamed for it?
Don’t get too ahead of yourself though. We’re here to answer all your questions.

Steps After a Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale

To sum up, there are certain steps that everyone should follow after a car accident.

Following these steps will at least give you peace of mind since you will have done the bare minimum to receive coverage and report the car accident.

Take Pictures of the Accident

Taking pictures of the car accident scene in Fort Lauderdale is critical. Pictures can determine how the traffic direction was at the time, how bad the damage was for both parties, and also traffic conditions of the scene. All these factors can help the insurance companies, police, and yourself to determine who could be at fault. 

Call Your Insurance

Report the accident to your insurance. This will allow them to determine at least in the preliminary steps who is at fault and also allow you to proceed with receiving coverage for your property damage and medical bills. 

Call the Police for a Police Report

You will most definitely need a police report. A police report gives a ticket to the person that is at fault. Although it may not be final (because there can be disputes after the fact between you and the other party), it gives the insurance company a preliminary idea about who is at fault. Sometimes, the police report is enough and could be the biggest factor in deciding who is at fault.

Why is Determining Fault so Important?

Fault determines who would have to pay the majority of the accident. 

If you think you weren’t at fault but paying for your medical bills, you may be getting the wrong side of the stick. 

You are a victim of the car accident and the other driver was at fault for your injuries if you aren’t found at fault for the injuries. 

Negligent driving injures and possibly kills tens of hundreds of people on a daily basis. You should not be another statistic and just let the negligent driving slide by. 

If you find yourself in pain and suffering but the other driver was at fault, a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale could possibly help you. 

Getting financial  compensation can be stressful and a long process. 

You don’t have to add to your current pain and suffering by fighting by yourself against the other party. 

You can find legal guidance with a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to get the possible financial compensation that you are entitled to. We start with a free consultation to hear out what happened during the accident and how you are currently doing. 

From there, if we determine that we can be of value to you, we will build you a strong case. Our team is not scared to take it to the next step and even file suit to make sure that you get the financial compensation you may be entitled to. 

Remember, we don’t win until you win.

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