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How Important is the Police Report?

After a car accident, one of the most common things to do is to get a police report. 

But, why is it so important to get the police report?

A police report is what insurance companies, adjusters, and lawyers use to determine who is probably at fault.

Fault can obviously be determined by multiple factors. Traffic conditions (according to the story), damage to both property and body, and the police report tops it off.

Without a police report, lots of factors and variables will go into further investigation. To get a police report, it is normally because the damage was extensive and required the police to step in and determine the fault and damages. However, if there is no police report, then it is assumed that the parties may have run from the scene, made up the injuries, or maybe the damages just aren’t great enough to report to the police. 

Police Report in Determining Fault

Police reports will ultimately determine who could be at fault.

They are not final and are not the only thing that determine fault but they help determine how the traffic conditions were and see who the authorities think were at fault. Sometimes, the police report may not always accurately describe or determine how the accident went, which is why it’s not the final word in determining fault. The police report acts as a supplement to the rest of the evidence.  

Getting A Police Report After a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident

One of the first things you should do after a car accident in Fort Lauderdale is to make sure that you call 911. Not just for the police report, but also possible injuries.

Make sure that you are not injured and call the authorities accordingly. If you think that you are injured, then the police may not be enough. Calling emergency medical services might be the next step for you along with the police. 

If you are not injured, then the next step is to just directly call the police and get the report. It is important to tell the whole truth. After a car accident, you will not only be questioned by the police, but if the injuries and the damage are extensive, then it could go down questioning with adjusters, lawyers, and insurance agents. Through this entire process, it is important to tell a consistent story. Tweaking small details, fibbing, or lying can lead to inconsistencies between your stories and could end up in your case not being taken up or being turned down. 

Calling a Car Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

A car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will be on your side at all times and make sure that you are taken care. Your health and well-being is our primary concern and utmost priority. Dealing with other adjusters, healing from your injuries, and constantly being bombarded by calls and emails. This can all inhibit your initial goal, which should be to heal from your injuries and go back to regular life. 

Call us for a free consultation to get details on how you can move forward on your case and how we can help you get financial compensation that you deserve. Don’t hesitate and wait any longer. Your statute of limitations (time limit to file suit) is still there and you definitely don’t want to be alone in paying your bills and dealing with your injuries. Call us now.

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