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About Us

About Us

FLL Accident Lawyers are the top personal injury lawyers in Broward, we specialize in all injury related cases.

Personal injury in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere for that matter, is no joke. The losses you can suffer from a personal injury are wildly variable. Some of these losses can be:

  • pain and suffering
  • expensive and extensive medical bills
  • lost current and future wages
  • loss in enjoyment of life
  • possible death

These are the most common losses that can result from a personal injury accident. Don’t be alone in dealing with any of these consequences and call a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer for guidance.

Free Consultation With An FLL Accident Lawyer

    What We Do

    Our team of lawyers will do everything in our ability to makes sure that you can get properly compensated for the damages you received.

    If you are injured after an accident, feel pain after an accident, lost money because you couldn’t work, etc. give us a call and let us do our job.

    With a team that has been working for more than 10 years and more than satisfied customers throughout the years, we can make the process of getting back your money pain-free and stress-free.

    Our People

    Our people consist of our team and the people we serve.

    Not only do we take care of our lawyers, who have a passion for what they do because of the great work environment, we also take care of our people and make them really feel at home.

    This passion for helping people really shows in our work, as our team continues to pursue and assist people that have been injured in accidents that range from car accidents to truck accidents to work accidents and everything in between.

    Our President and Founder

    jimmy de la espriella for FLL Accident Lawyers

    Jimmy De La Espriella

    Jimmy De La Espriella actively litigates cases involving catastrophic injuries and cases involving wrongful death on behalf of the victims and their families. These cases include car accidents, product liability, medical negligence, nursing home abuse/neglect, trucking catastrophe, industrial manufacturer negligence, insurance disputes, premises liability, drowning victims, airline accident, burn victims, and others.

    The representation of individuals injured by negligence, medical malpractice or faulty products is one of the most challenging and rewarding specialties in the practice of law. He loves what he does. This passion manifests itself in the dedication he bring to our clients and their cases.

    His philosophy is to thoroughly prepare every case for the crucible of the courtroom. That requires meticulous preparation of all relevant facts and complete knowledge of the applicable law. Our attorneys work closely with doctors and other professionals in bringing together the best expert witnesses to assist in preparation and trial of our cases. We spare no expense because we believe that each client deserves the best opportunity to present his or her case to a jury.

    $10 M +

    Started the law firm with the sole purpose of helping people get money for injuries that aren’t their fault.


    Settled in Coral Gables, where our main headquarters is.

    Touches revenues of $100 million

    A monumental year when we hit a total of $100 million for all the customers we have served in our lifetime as a service.

    Employees team grows and expands to Fort Lauderdale

    Seeing that we were taking so many cases from Miami, we decided to expand our passion to Fort Lauderdale.

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    Let’s work together

    No matter the accident, the hospital, or the situation… FLL Accident Lawyers will evaluate your case and make sure to update you every step of the way.

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