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What Is An Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters or claims adjusters are basically the investigators for the insurance companies. The insurance adjusters are the main agents of communication when you get in a car accident and must discuss reparation, compensation, and steps to moving forward. Any sort of damage from personal injury to property damage will be investigated by the adjuster so that they can give you a proper settlement value for your damages. 

The insurance adjuster has the role of inspecting the damage, reviewing police reports, speaking to the witnesses, and talking to the property owners.

Although the insurance adjuster may SOUND Like they are on your side, remember that they work for the insurance company in the end. The name already suggests it, INSURANCE adjuster. The insurance adjuster will never have your best interest in mind. The end story is that the insurance adjuster will always try to win the insurance the most money as possible. Of course, they will never deny your injury or outright say no, but the insurance adjuster will do their best to lessen the injury and make sure that the damages aren’t fully paid to the extent they should be. 

Dealing With The Insurance Adjusters

A claims adjuster will do something along the lines of this. 

For example, if there is a car accident in Miami and you are in talks with the insurance adjuster, the first thing the adjuster will do is ask you questions about the incident. Who hit you, how did it happen, what were you doing during the accident, etc. 

The adjuster may then ask you to send pictures of the damage so that there is proof and evidence that you actually got injured and damaged from the car accident. This will be submitted to the insurance company and then the insurance company will determine how much they are willing to pay out for the damages. 

How a Personal Injury Lawyer From Fort Lauderdale Can Help

At FLL Accident Lawyers, our main goal is to make sure that our clients are back to their desired health and not in pain and suffering from the car accident injuries. 

After a car accident, there is only pain and suffering. There is almost nothing good that comes out of being in a  car accident. 

To add insult to injury, being left out to dry with the medical bills and potential other losses that result from a car accident will only make it worse. 

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale are here to serve you. 

We start with a free consultation to hear what happened to you and to determine the best route to help you with your case. 

Once our team determines that we can help you and provide value to you, we will immediately start gathering evidence such as photos and medical bills to build you a strong case. 

We don’t win until YOU win, so don’t worry about fees and payments right now, only worry about recovering and getting your health back. 

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