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Author: Bum Soo Shin

How Dangerous Is It To Speed?

I mean, we’ve heard it all the time right? How dangerous it is to speed and to go overboard on the speed limit. That’s the first thing most drivers here. Don’t go too fast on the road, because you might lose control and end up

What Are The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Every year, globally, there are 2 million people that die from car accidents. That is a lot of people.  As a fellow driver, I know the mentality. You think that it will NEVER happen to you. Because you are such an excellent driver, you think

Merging Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most important factors that we have to consider and solidify during a car accident case is WHO is at fault. Without determining fault, it is actually extremely difficult to find a case if there is no fault during an accident.  So now,

Can Road Rage Be Considered Assault?

Personal injury law can get complicated if you the injuries get too severe and the moving parts become too much. But, that doesn’t mean that certain crimes and injuries can just get waived off. A crime is a crime no matter what the circumstance is. 

How Important is My Driver’s License?

Operating a motor vehicle is not a joke. To some people, it may look like it is just driving and enjoying the road, but in reality, all drivers on the road are operating a 3,000 pound machine that can potentially be deadly if driven wrong

Deadliest Roads in Fort Lauderdale

How can a road be deadly? The road itself is not hazardous, or else it would be taken off and reconstructed. The drivers are what make the road dangerous. The most dangerous roads to drive on in Fort Lauderdale are A1A and Las Olas Blvd

Can a Bike Helmet Keep Me Safe in Fort Lauderdale?

Biking in Fort Lauderdale is a great experience overall. The weather is amazing in South Florida and the views off the bridge and near the beach can be exhilarating. But this doesn’t mean that biking in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t come with its own risks. Biking

Can a FLL Car Accident Lawyer Overcharge Me?

The biggest fear amongst residents (after suffering a car accident) in Fort Lauderdale is the price of lawyers.  Word on the street is that lawyers are extremely expensive and hard to find an affordable lawyer. They will take your case and basically take their expensive
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