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Pickup Truck in Fort Lauderdale Runs Into Cyclist

On Highland Beach in Fort Lauderdale, there was an atrocious bicycle accident that injured multiple cyclists. 

Although road rage is a common occurrence and getting angry at other drivers is a common occurrence, acting upon that anger and purposely injuring other motor vehicle operators is against the law. For obvious reasons.

The video is a prime example of road rage and how NOT to act when you are in the middle of heat. 

A black pickup driver is shown driving past a group of cyclists. While driving past this group of cyclists, the black pickup driver is shown yelling profanities and obscenities at the cyclists. Obviously, the cyclists are aware of the dangers on the road and the road rage that motor vehicle operators display towards cyclists (bicycles). They notify the pickup driver that he is being recorded and soon after, the driver swerves right into the group of cyclists. Although he did not run over anyone, one cyclist did get knocked down and sent sprawling. The damages and injuries are not specified, but clearly from the video, the cyclist’s fall was a direct result of the pickup driver’s road rage. 

During a Bicycle Accident, Who Is At Fault?

Clearly from the video, the person at fault is the truck driver right?


Not only were the cyclists in the cycling lane and abiding by the rules, they were not obstructing traffic in the lane meant for cars and trucks. 

The driver’s aggressive and illegal actions caused the cyclist to fall over.

But why do we need to determine fault? Isn’t it obvious? 

Determining fault is the only way to hold someone accountable for their negligent actions. Without fault, especially in a no-fault state like Florida, getting financial compensation for your injuries (if you got injured) will be nearly impossible. Without someone at fault, who else is going to be responsible for your injuries except yourself? 

Beyond the video, fault in a bicycle accident in Fort Lauderdale is dependent on a few factors. In most cases, the driver will be found liable. Since bicycles have a dedicated lane and most bikers stay in their lane, the motor vehicle operator will be found at fault in most cases. However, if the cyclists are out of their lane or there is no bike lane, then the fault is harder to determine. Visibility, road conditions, and other factors are all taken into account when the cyclists are not given or in their lane. 

Who Do I Call For A Bicycle Accident in Fort Lauderdale?

If you or a loved one was biking in Fort Lauderdale and got severely injured as a result of negligent driving, a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can be of service to you. 

A bicycle accident can result in serious losses such as expensive medical bills, loss of ability to work, and financially crippling property damage. These are just the most common types of losses that someone can experience from a bicycle accident in Fort Lauderdale. The actual real life losses can be wild and variable depending on how the accident occurred. 

A personal injury lawyer from Fort Lauderdale from FLL Accident Lawyers will give you a free consultation to hear you out. We want to hear how the accident happened to you and how you were affected by the accident. After the consultation, if we can help you with your case, our team will immediately go into gathering evidence to build you a strong case for financial compensation. 

Our team is contingency based, so we don’t charge anything until the end. When we win you the case, our earnings come from a percentage of your winnings. 

So remember, we don’t win until YOU win.

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