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How Important Are Medical Records

To get to the point, the medical record and medical bills as a result of a car accident in Fort Lauderdale are evidence that you got injured and that you needed the medical attention. If your car accident in Miami resulted in injuries, the only way to prove that you got injured is to show the medical records and show where you got the medical treatment. Without the medical bills, your injuries are your own words but are not backed by evidence.

How to Prove Injury After a Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale

After a car accident, there is a 35% chance that an injury occurs. From the years of 2014 to 2017, about 35% of car accidents resulted in injuries that required medical treatment. With this line of logic, the 35% chance is very possible. So if you are one of these people that get injured as a result of a car accident, what should you do?

Well, the first thing that should be done is that you should get it treated. Any prolonged or weird pain that you feel after a car accident has to be immediately treated. Waiting for treatment of letting it hold out for too long may result in worse injuries or you might even lose the right to file the injury under your insurance and may have to end up paying for the treatment out of pocket. 

Medical Fraud After a Car Accident

Commonly, many people have pre-existing medical conditions prior to a car accident. They may have an injury from before or maybe just a bad back or neck condition from before. To take advantage of the car accident time limit, some people will decide to get treatment for their pre-existing medical condition as a part of the car accident. Although it may pass in some situations, in most cases it does not pass. A doctor or medical professional will easily identify the pre-existing condition and diagnose as something separate. Sometimes of course, the injuries may overlap and make it harder for the medical professional to separate the injuries, but in most cases that won’t happen. 

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer For Car Accident Injuries

If you are having a hard time getting your financial compensation for your accident injuries in Fort Lauderdale, a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can help you with your delays and complications in getting your financial compensation. 

A personal injury lawyer from FLL is experienced with decades of cases and millions won in cases. Not only is your financial compensation our priority, but your health is our priority above all else. If you are unable to function in society (such as unable to work or financially crippled), getting you back to work or back on your feet is our main priority. Your satisfaction with life and being able to get back on your own two feet eventually is our goal.

Our personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale give you an absolutely free consultation to hear what happened to you during the accident and how you are coping with the injuries. From there, once we determine that we can help you, we will start gathering evidence such as medical bills and photos. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win.

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