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How To Avoid Truck Accidents

How To Avoid Truck Accidents

You’re driving on the freeway. You are on your way home from work and suddenly, you are driving next to a truck. You don’t even notice because you just want to get home.

The truck is absolutely gigantic and it’s impossible to not feel scared. There is a semi truck that could completely squash you if one thing goes wrong.

This is a similar feeling that everyone goes through. 

It is normal to feel that way. 

So what are ways to prevent a truck accident?

To be frank, there is really no way to prevent a truck accident. I’m not saying that it will happen all the time, but if the truck driver is distracted or dozing off, then there is no way to avoid the accident, no matter how careful you are.

Here is however, the safest ways and tips to drive on the road so that you are doing your part to make sure that driving is safe for everyone. 

Always Use Your Turning Signal

It is Miami culture to not use your turning signal.

Wherever you are in Miami, not using the turning signal is more common than actually using the turning signal.

Don’t be one of those people. It is no coincidence that Miami has some of the worst driving cultures and the most accidents. 

Not using our turning signals is one of those bad Miami cultures. 

Using your turning signal lets other drivers know where your next move is so that they can react. By suddenly turning into someone else’s lane or just turning into a lane without warning, it might force them to slow down or react quickly to what you did, which can in turn cause an accident to the cars behind them or next to them.

Now imagine this, but with trucks. It would be much harder for a truck to slow down the tons of cargo it is carrying just as quickly as a regular car.

To make sure that both you and the truck driver are safe on the road, use your turn signal.

Drive With Distance in Mind

Trucks have bigger blindspots than cars. They are also different from cars as well. 

Truck blindspots are mostly directly behind, right in front, and on the passenger side of the truck.

A golden rule to follow is that if you can’t see the driver in their side mirror, then they will definitely not be able to see you. 

The blind spot for trucks is called the No Zone. Why is it called the no zone? It is a zone that you should always avoid. Obviously, it is impossible to just not drive around a truck. What it means is that you should drive as fast and safely as possible from the truck.

Also, with distance in mind, it is recommended to not drive in the lane right next to the trucks. Driving with at least a lane of space in between you and the truck is recommended. 

Drive With the Truck in Mind

Isn’t it obvious?

Well not really. 

People think that it is to just get out of the way of the truck. But that’s not all of it.

The biggest part is thinking about how the truck driver is going to react. 

If you swerve out of their lane too quickly, how do you think the truck driver will react to that? Possibly it might not cause too many issues, but sometimes, it could cause them to swerve because of the sudden movement. 

Always make sure that your driving is also helpful to the truck driver. Make sure that if you are driving next to the truck to stay out of the blind spots, and if you are in the blind spots, to drive out of them as fast as possible. 

Always use your turn signals and give the truck driver ample to time to react instead of just swerving in and out of the lanes.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer for Truck Accidents

If you get injured in a truck accident, then it is time to call a personal injury lawyer. Medical bills can get incredibly high and you could lose wages since you may be forced to take time off work. Not to mention, why would you go through the pain and suffering when someone else was negligent and caused your injuries. Don’t ruin your life. Stand up for what is right and get your financial compensation for your injuries. 

We are lawyers that offer FREE consultation and everything is on us until we win you your case. So don’t worry about any fees. If you have questions though, give our team a call. We can give you the rundown on what you should do next and serve you to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

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