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Do I Need An Attorney After a Car Accident?

Do I Need An Attorney After A Car Accident?

The real and quick answer is yes. You should always have a lawyer ready after a car accident. If a car accident injured you badly, you might have the other party trying to come after your money. Not to mention, your medical bills might stack up to be crazy high. Get a lawyer just in case, since the best ones actually have a “no win no fee” policy.

Why Should I Get a Lawyer? 

The best answer is the security that a lawyer can provide.

A lawyer that will help you when you are injured in an accident is a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers can get you to the proper medical facilities to treat you and also the possible financial compensation for the money you might lose on medical bills, lost hours at work, and trauma. Just to name a few. 

A personal injury lawyer is an expert in “torts law”, which is focused on actions by citizens that harm other citizens, and thus trying to find the legal liability for the actions caused by the actions, according to Cornell Law

When you are seriously injured and you want your time, money, and suffering to be compensated, you will not simply be facing the other person that hurt you. 

In fact, it is very rare that you personally call the other party. 

In most cases, you will be calling the adjuster or attorney of the person that hurt you. Sometimes, you will be calling the insurance of the person that hurt you. It is very hard to deal with and win all the financial compensation by yourself. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should hire a lawyer, specifically, a personal injury lawyer. Since they are professionals in that field and know the ins and outs, they are able to deal with the complexities of fighting a lawyer or insurance company. 

However, hiring a lawyer comes with the question ….”Aren’t lawyers super expensive?”….”How do I even find one?”

These are all valid questions and I will answer them immediately below. 

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How Much is A Personal Injury Lawyer? How Do I Even Find A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most personal injury lawyers, like myself, are “no win no fee” lawyers. They are basically lawyers that cost nothing until they win the case. 

This is the simplest way to explain “no win no fee lawyers”. If you would like to read more though, we have our own post or you can check out HG Legal Resources

If you are already here, that means you can contact us and my team can give you a free consultation and make sure that you are taken care of. 

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

When it comes to personal injury, there is a long list of things to deal with. Here is a basic list of things:

  1. Medical Bills: There is no doubt that you will be injured. Surgery, therapy, and injections will cost you money. There is no doubt that this will be very expensive if you are severely injured. Your lawyer can help reduce the costs. 
  2. Lost Pay From Work: Getting severely injured can cause you to lose time from work. Broken bones, fractures, physical therapy, they all take time and can physically force you to stop going to work. A personal injury lawyer can help recover lost wages and pay. 
  3. Psychological and Physical Damage: The pain after an accident doesn’t go to JUST your medical bills, but also the trauma. Some people can’t even go outside again because they are so scared from the car accident. Don’t just suffer in silence, get the compensation you may deserve for your pain and suffering. 
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Is There A Limit To Calling a Lawyer?

In all states, there is a thing called a “statute of limitations”. This basically means that you only have a certain period of time to actually get your compensation for your injuries. Although it differs from state to state, the baseline for most states is two years. It is not so difficult, but for more details on the statute of limitations, check out this article by Investopedia, where they outline statute of limitations very well.

Instead of trying to play a game and see when is the furthest you can extend the deadline, go immediately to your lawyer and get consultation for your injuries and the accident that occured. 

It can save you valuable time and money that COULD be lost and WAS lost.

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