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Can I Sue for Road Rage in Fort Lauderdale?

What is road rage?

It’s hard to believe that anyone living and driving in Florida has never experienced road rage. Whether you are coming from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, road rage is a common occurrence.

Road rage is basically people getting excessively angry about the traffic and road conditions, which results in venting their anger and frustration on you.

However, road rage can get scary and out of hand for some individuals. 

People that can’t control their anger will resort to physically confronting you WHILE there is ongoing traffic and moving cars.

I’m sure some of you guys have witnessed or been a victim of this kind of road rage. 

But the question is, can you sue someone or file a claim for road rage?

Definition of Road Rage

So we call angry drivers and the result of their actions road rage.

Whether it’s just yelling and screaming or physically confronting and assaulting innocent drivers. We blanket all anger on the road as “road rage”.

But is that really the case?

Road rage (as defined by the NHTSA) is when a driver commits moving traffic offenses that endanger the lives of people and property. Road rage is also when another motor vehicle operator or passenger assaults another motor vehicle operator or passenger. The assault can be with anything. Their bare fists, weapons, or even the motor vehicle itself can become the means of assault. 

While road rage is considered a criminal offense, aggressive driving is merely a traffic offense. 

Road rage is clearly defined, and although it gets mixed with aggressive driving, road rage is much more severe and can be harmful to any motor vehicle operator or passenger. 

Solutions to Road Rage in Fort Lauderdale

There is no way to fix the attitude and behavior of other people.

Let’s set that precedent before saying anything.

To try and fix another person or entity’s behavior is not only going to stress you out (because you will most likely not be able to change them), but the other person will most likely not take the advice seriously. 

So what do we do with people that experience road rage?

The best way is to approach a situation where there is road rage coming from another driver is with a calm and calculated approach.

Do not do anything to provoke the driver even more. Although YOU may not be the one experiencing road rage, the other driver may actually assault you and cause bodily injury to you if you further provoke them. 

As a driver trying to uphold safety on the road, remember that making things worse and giving the other driver a reason (as wrong as it can be) to continue to stay angry.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer for Injuries from Aggressive Driving or Road Rage

Aggressive driving is considered a traffic offense and can be considered negligent driving. Road rage in itself is considered a criminal charge and no one wants to be a victim of road rage.

However, if you or a loved one is a victim of road rage or aggressive driving and has been severely injured as a result of those actions, contact a personal injury lawyer from Fort Lauderdale for legal guidance.

Our team at FLL Accident Lawyers has helped hundreds of people get back to health in addition to the million we have won for our clients. 

We start with a free consultation, since we know that you are already drowned in bills and suffering from pain. Our team will hear you out and assess how we can plan a solution to your problems. 

Once we determine that we can be of value to your case, we will immediately get to work and start gathering evidence such as photos and medical bills. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win.

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