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Preparing My Car For a Hurricane in Fort Lauderdale

We are starting to hit the peak of hurricane season in Fort Lauderdale. 

In fact, as we speak, there are quite a few storms brewing on the horizon. 

One of the biggest concerns is the safety of our property. Even a regular category 3 storm can cause enough damage to set families and individuals back tens of thousands of dollars. 

For example, even just a tree falling on your car and causing a dent in your roof can set you back a couple thousand dollars. 

What are ways to keep at least your vehicle safe during a hurricane? Here are some staple and helpful tips for those in Fort Lauderdale.

Keep Your Car In A Parking Garage

Keeping your car in a garage is one of the prime and best ways to keep it from sustaining damage during a hurricane. Even a category 5 hurricane is unlikely to invade the small spaces in a parking garage. Many shopping malls and public colleges actually ALLOW you to park your car in their garages during the hurricane so that your car doesn’t get wrecked.

Make Sure You Pump Your Car

Filling your car up with gas is an imperative before a hurricane hits. A hurricane can leave gas stations and certain amenities that we see as basic needs, useless. Things like shopping malls, gas stations, and groceries can all go out of commission when a hurricane hits. Cutting power lines and messing with the actual flow of life, hurricanes that are strong enough can definitely hold back certain businesses for at least a week. 

This is why it’s important to stock up and pump your car with gas before a hurricane hits. At least having a full tank means you can at least for about 200-300 miles before running into empty. 

Stock Up On Backup Supplies

On the topic of stocking up, one of the most important things to do is back yourself up with more supplies just in case. During Katrina, I remember that one of my coworker’s apartments didn’t have electricity for an ENTIRE week. 

This kind of possibility is entirely legit during any hurricane, so stocking up is key.

Things like extra gallons of gas, backup generator, frozen food and water, etc are all basic necessities to continue to at least stay alive and well after a hurricane. 

Get A Regular Checkup On the Condition of Your Car

The last thing you want after a hurricane is to be driving and looking for groceries in the aftermath of a hurricane just to have your car stall and stop in the middle of a road. There will probably be barely any cell phone service (because of downed power lines), and not many mechanics working because their shop may ALSO not have enough power to run. 

This is why BEFORE the hurricane hits, you want to get a regular checkup of your car to make sure that it is okay.

Although most people are fine since cars are made to run for a long time, some people do not give their cars the proper check-up that they need to continue to function during hard times. When there are barely any mechanics because there is no electricity or power to run the shops, having your car go through an emergency is the last thing you want to do. 

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A personal injury lawyer from FLL Accident Lawyers can help you get your financial compensation for the injuries that were caused by another person’s negligent driving. 

With decades of experience and hundreds of cases won, our expertise and care for our client is unmatched. Although our end goal is to win the case for you, our first priority through the journey is to make sure that you are healed from your injuries more than anything. 

We start with a free consultation session to identify your needs and see how we can help you. From there, we will start gathering data and documents to build you a solid case to get your financial compensation. If we can’t get full compensation from the insurance companies, our team is not afraid to pursue a lawsuit. 

Remember, if you don’t win, then we don’t win.

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