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What Are The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Every year, globally, there are 2 million people that die from car accidents.

That is a lot of people. 

As a fellow driver, I know the mentality. You think that it will NEVER happen to you. Because you are such an excellent driver, you think a car accident?! To you? No way right?

It’s such a basic skill now, that it’s not even really considered a skill. 

However, there are hundreds of car accidents that happen on a daily basis. A car accident in Miami is so common, it isn’t a far fetched statement to say that it happens EVERY day.

So what are the most common car accidents?

According to AllNationsInsurance, this is the list:

Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end car accident is the most car insurance. 

Rightfully so.

It is so common for someone to stop paying attention for some reason, and just roll the car into the car in front of them.

However, it is also likely that someone is absolutely not paying attention to the road in front of them and can’t brake the car in time. This can lead to a devastating car accident in Fort Lauderdale. 

Rear-end car accidents and collisions occur mostly in rush hour traffic where everything is congested. This is because there is so much stop and go traffic and so many cars on the road. 

T-Bone Accidents

As the name suggests, this kind of car accident is when the cars are going in perpendicular directions and crash in a “T” shape. 

These kinds of accidents result from drivers that fail to yield to red lights or try to run it at the last second since they think no driver is going to keep going. 

Another common intersection is where there are stop signs. A good number of drivers either completely dismiss stop signs or only come to a rolling pause while the car keeps going at 5mph. Because of this, they may not be able to stop in time and will crash into another driver.

Single Vehicle Accidents

How can someone get into a car accident by themselves?

Well, it is quite a simple concept. 

Freak accidents like hydroplaning, hitting road signs, curbs, or turning too fast can lead your car to lose control and cause a car accident. 

Since there was no other party that caused it except yourself, this would be classified as a single car accident. 

These are quite common amongst newbie drivers or those that are in a rush and could not control the car.

Low-Speed Collisions

This happens in places like parking lots.

To be classified as “low speed”, the vehicle must be going under 10mph. 

Parking lots are the common place that these accidents occur because there are so many obstacles to avoid.
Other cars, pillars, going up the ramp in a weird angle, there are lots of factors to consider outside of the fact that there are other cars in the area. 

Although they are mostly not deadly and only deal a small amount of damage, low-speed collisions are still a hassle and annoying to deal with. 

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

A personal injury lawyer may be the next step in getting your financial compensation. If you got injured in a car accident, or any accident for that matter, and feel like the other driver was negligent and not paying attention to the road, contact a personal injury lawyer. The injuries you sustained from the car accident shouldn’t be your financial burden when someone else caused it. 

Too many times I see people that are left with an enormous debt in the medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and more. The pain and suffering of the car accident is already enough, but to pile on the stress of debt is too much.

Let my team help you. We have decades of experience and hundreds of cases won for our clients. Not only are we experienced, we also care. No matter the kind of injury you sustained, if you call us and consult us, we will do our best to guide you to the next step. Our consultations are FREE and there is no need to worry about fees until we win you your case. 

Don’t get left out by not filing in time of the statute of limitations. Contact us now.

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