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Traffic Accident On Coral Way

Car Accident on Coral Way

On February 6, 2020 a bus went right through the bus stop it was supposed to pick people up at. 

The 2 pedestrians were waiting at the stop, when the bus did ran right through the stop and injured them.

The bus driver was not injured, but is under investigation.

Immediately, the road was blocked off.

Police were called immediately to investigate the scene and close the road to avoid disruption.

The road that was closed off was Coral Way and Southwest 72nd Avenue. All cars that would drive through were encouraged to drive through alternate routes so that the scene could be evacuated properly.

We will update this blog as more details come out, but this is all that we have so far.

To get more details as well, check out the news for their side of the story as well.

bus accident on coral way

What To Do When You Get Injured

Just like the 2 unfortunate people that were victims of this accident, you could also be a victim of an accident as well.

Whether this specific accident was caused by negligence or not, we do not know, but if you are injured in an accident, you might be entitled to financial compensation.

Call Your Insurance

This is the first thing to do, before you call anyone else.

You HAVE to report your accident to your insurance. ESPECIALLY if you got injured.

If you got injured, then it is very likely the accident is big enough to damage your car greatly.

Not reporting this, it is possible that you could get in trouble later in the future.

calling the police for car accident

Call The Police

You need to get a police report and see who they say is at fault.

Make sure you tell your side of the story accurately.

Don’t make anything up, because in the future, if you are caught lying, it can come to bite you back hard.

You don’t want to be that person that ended up paying all the medical bills and must pay MORE in compensation because you lied.

What you want to be is the person that had to pay all the medical bills but will get compensated because it was legitimately someone else’s fault.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are here for YOU.

Some of them might be out to just steal your money, but at least not us.

First of all, we give you a FREE consultation just to hear your story and see what we can do to help you.

Why don’t we charge? Doesn’t it cost money (in terms of time) to hear our client’s stories of how they got injured?

That may be true, but we are a service. We are here to serve YOU. We are here for YOU.

What if we’re not the ones that can help you?

It’s possible that we can’t help you because the accident does not fall in our area of expertise.

Maybe your damages are too small for us to help you with and can be handled with you and your insurance.

There are lots of possibilities to the outcome of your stories.

So, we don’t get paid until YOU get paid.

Unless you have money in your pocket or bank account, we will not take anything from you.

Does this affect our service to you? Absolutely not.

We will serve you to the fullest while we are doing our best to get your treated.

Not sure? Check out our reviews. They speak for themselves.

Not a single 1 star review…why? We make sure to fulfill all your needs and keep you updated and satisfied through the entire process. You will NEVER feel alone while you are going through your struggles or if you have any questions.

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