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How Much Do Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

One of the main reasons why people are so scared of lawyers are the fees and prices. Unless their lives are in grave danger, a lawyer is actually the last thing that people are thinking of hiring. People will try to solve whatever legal problem they are going through by themselves and as the last resort, they will call a lawyer.

Although we understand the gripes with lawyers, when it comes to legal guidance, finding the right lawyer tops any sort of money that you would save by not hiring one. The legal process of getting your financial compensation from accidents can be long and mostly stressful. You will be dealing with lawyers from the other side, insurance company agents and adjusters all at once. It can take months to even get a response from lawyers and adjusters and actually get traction on your case. 

So how much do lawyers actually charge for their services?

Depends on the firm.

Some personal injury lawyers will charge on an hourly basis. In most cases, hourly fees are very high and can go into the 3-figure mark for the first hour of consultation. However, most lawyers will do a free consultation to hear your injuries and car accident details. In our case, we give you an absolutely free consultation and continue to keep it free until we win you your case. 

Contingency Fee Lawyers

If you are scared of the crazy lawyer fees, your best bet may be contingency based lawyers. Contingency fee lawyers essentially agree on a percentage of your winning sum to be their payment. Essentially, contingency fee lawyers will not charge you anything throughout the whole process until they win you your money. From the money they won you, the lawyer fees will be extracted (the lawyer fees are agreed upon before the money is taken so that there is no misunderstanding or disagreement). 

How Much is the Contingency Fee?

The contingency fee is normally pre-agreed upon between the lawyer and the client. Before the lawyer and their team even gets to work to start working on the case, they will agree on a fee with the client so that everyone is on the same page.

The fee normally ranges from 30% to 40% of the winning sum. Sometimes it can go as high as 50%, but that is very rare.

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer May Be Worth the Fee

Although some personal injury lawyer fees can go through the roof, if you find the right one, the process and fees will be worth the money.

A personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will not charge you more than the amount you would need for compensation for your injuries. Normally, the amount of money that you will get from the winning fee is enough to compensate you for injuries, lost wages, and property damage. If there are other special damages reported, they will be taken into account as well. 

The reason why a personal injury lawyer may be worth the money is because of the stress and time that the lawyer will save you. 

Dealing with the other side’s lawyer is already a pain. Since they are representing the other side, they will be in direct conflict with your case. They will either be trying to disprove your case and completely dispel it or reduce your fees so that their client doesn’t have to pay as much from their policy.

In addition, the insurance companies will also try to settle for less and try to make it harder for you to settle for the amount you want. 

This is where the value of a personal injury lawyer comes in. Our personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale will take care of you by guiding you through this legal process so that you are not alone in dealing with the legal process. 

Our personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale will take care of:

  • Getting your property damage fixed
  • Calling insurance companies for proper compensation
  • Handling the other lawyers and adjusters
  • Constant and regular contact for updates on your case
  • 24/7 access to our lawyers for additional questions you have outside office hours

Our team starts you with an absolutely free consultation. We will hear what happened to you during the car accident and after the car accident to hear how we can help you. From there, if we determine that we can help you, our team will start gathering evidence like medical bills and photos of the accident to build you a strong case for financial compensation.

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