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How Important is My Driver’s License?

Operating a motor vehicle is not a joke. To some people, it may look like it is just driving and enjoying the road, but in reality, all drivers on the road are operating a 3,000 pound machine that can potentially be deadly if driven wrong or negligently. 

The license is what gives you the legal right to drive a vehicle. It also proves that you passed certain examinations to be able to drive a motor vehicle.

So how important is your license? Beyond just driving around and operating any civilian vehicle, your license also becomes your form of ID. Whether you are buying alcohol, stopped by the police, or maybe even applying for a job, your driver’s license also becomes your ID. 

What If I Don’t Have a License?

If you don’t have your license because you forgot it at home or lost it, it is completely fine. You will still be able to be found in the database, if you are to be pulled over or asked to show license because you are in trouble. However, if you actually never obtain your license and are found to be operating a car, then you will be in trouble. Not only is this illegal, it can be dangerous since you may have never been approved by the state to drive or maneuver.

But why can’t I drive without a license if I think I’m good enough or I have practiced with my parents?

That’s because it is just unsafe. Imagine if all the drivers in the United States didn’t need to take a state mandated licensing exam to drive. Some drivers may not know the rules of the road, or know how to do basic maneuvers. This is exactly why it is so important to get your license and at least pass the basic driver’s exam.

Is There a Best Way to Get a License?

The best way to get a license is to get it when you’re ready to drive. Adding a license adds an extra responsibility not only to you, but to your guardians. 

Normally, the best way is to get a permit. A permit will allow you to operate a motor vehicle while your guardian or guardians are in the passenger seat monitoring you. This will allow you to practice driving. The second step is to practice. Practice until you are comfortable with basic things like turning, going up in speed, stopping, slowing down, changing lanes, etc. Get used to the signs and the road.

Especially in Fort Lauderdale where every driver is basically crazy, you must get used to the hectic driving and the insane roads. 

The final step is to finally get your license. Getting your license will finally let you legally drive on the road by yourself. 

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do When I Have No License?

The simple answer is nothing. To drive without a license is illegal and if you are caught red-handed, there is little to nothing we can do to save you. Although if you LOST your license it is a different story, to not have one at all is a crime. Especially if you get in an accident without the license. If you get in an accident without having a license, you are literally proving why you cannot drive, and why the license is necessary. 

Do not drive without a license and make sure that even if you do have one, drive on the roads safely and attentively.

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