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Bodily Injury Damage Calculator

Bodily Injury Damage Calculator

Bodily injuries after an accident are a common occurrence. After such a high impact collision between two vehicles that weigh more than 2,000 pounds. It is hard to say that there will be no bodily injuries. Even if it is just a bruise, that is considered a bodily injury. But once you are injured and you have already gone through the hassle of dealing with the insurance company, adjusters, and lawyers and you are close to finalizing your process of getting your money back, they will offer you a settlement. 

This is basically a sum of money that they offer you to take care of all your possible losses. From medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc. the settlement is meant to pay out for your losses. 

But how do they even calculate this? Is it even accurate? 

How Accurate Are Bodily Injury Calculators?

Many attorneys and lawyers for personal injury offer a free bodily injury calculator. Although it is a great tool, it is actually very difficult to calculate bodily injuries from just a few details. There needs to be lots of factors to determine how much a bodily injury is worth.

Severity of Bodily Injuries

Obviously one of the most important factors is actually how severe the bodily injuries were. A bruise will not be as expensive or worth as much as a broken bone. Why? Because the cost of healing a bruise vs healing a broken bone is different, and by a huge margin. A bruise may require only a small amount of attention. Maybe some icing or rest to let the muscle heal. However a broken bone will require surgery and a cast. Just that alone requires much more medical attention than a regular bruise. If there is a broken bone in a vital part of your body (such as your chest where your heart and lungs are), there could be potentially more risk since the damages are near vital organs.

How Severe Was Damage to your Car

Damage to your car is vital too. The damages have to make sense. If your car has a minor dent, that will not be as expensive or worth as much as a completely destroyed front bumper with damaged internals too. Like bodily injury, if the damage isn’t going to cost much to fix, it won’t be seen as expensive, which could lower your settlement amount.

This is not to suggest that you should absolutely demolish your car, because that in itself will lead to other damages. The worse the property damage, there is a good chance that your bodily injury damage will be just as bad or worse. 

Consulting in a Personal Injury Lawyer

The previously mentioned factors in determining the compensation for bodily injuries is a very rough estimate. Severity of bodily injuries and severity of property damage is probably two of the most important factors, but there are other factors that listing them would take forever to explain. In fact, we don’t believe that there can be a generic calculator that takes your possible lost wages and your current income and then multiplies it by a certain number (that depends on severity of damages) to produce your possible compensation. Not only will that number be most likely inaccurate and show an extremely rough estimate that could fluctuate in the thousands, it may give false hope for people that have gone through serious bodily injuries.

The best thing you can do is receive legal advice from a personal injury lawyer in Miami. A personal injury lawyer from our team at Accident Lawyers MIA can help you achieve that.

With decades of experience under our belt, we are confident in our ability to help you get your possible financial compensation for the injuries you suffered from another driver’s negligence. 

Having served hundreds of clients over the decades that we have been in business, we are familiar with almost personal injury cases. We start with a FREE consultation to gather evidence on the accident and to hear what happened to you. From there, we will guide you and make sure that you can have the tools to deal with the adjusters, lawyers, and insurance companies. Remember, we don’t win until you win.

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