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In Fort Lauderdale with Kids? Check out the Museum of Discovery and Science!

In Fort Lauderdale with kids? Come visit the Museum of Discovery and Science!

The mission of The Museum of Discovery and Science is that of connecting science and people.  The museum plays host to those individuals from all walks of life who wish to experience and connect with the discovery of science.  The museum itself was conceived as a Junior Leagues project.  Originally opened as the Discovery Centers, a museum of art and science, with a hands-on approach.  It was opened in 1977 in the historic New River Inn.  As the years passed, the museum added several other buildings to its complex.

Annually, the museum plays host to an estimated over 450,000 visitors,  Since its original opening in 1992, an estimated over 8 million people have joined in the experience that is the museum.  Currently, more than 90,000 students visit the museum annually as part of a variety of school-sponsored field trips.  

The Museum of Discovery and Science is currently one of Florida’s largest museums of its kind.  It also boasts as being the most visited museum of any in the state.  Featuring its own IMAX 3-D theater, featuring the biggest screen in all of the state, any visitors can view films in 3-D, with the wearing of special glasses and headsets.

The museum boasts a variety of simulated rides—such as to Mars, on a airboat, and even an airplane flight simulator.  With the wide variety of animal species the museum has on display, visitors are able to get up close and personal with such wildlife as otters, tarantulas, turtles, sharks, and stingrays.  Animals are not the only things that the museum offers.  There is also a Discovery Center for those age seven and under.

In 1992, The Museum of Discovery and Science moved to its current downtown Fort Lauderdale location.  Known for the “Great Gravity Clock” that is featured at the front entrance, it is only one of three in the world today.  The other two are currently in both Japan and Mexico.  The museum is available to birthday parties, camp-ins, sea turtle walks, and even has its very own summer camp program.

There is always something new and exciting to do at the museum.  When you visit, you can spend a day of exploring the massive number of exhibits for your enjoyment.  The museum also offers a variety of demonstrations of a scientific nature, presented by community experts.

It is the museum’s believe that every child, as well as any underserved member of the community, should have the ability to visit and enjoy the museum.

The museum is sure to provide a memorable experience for ages two to 82.  It is the perfect choice for a full day filled with family fun.  The Museum of Discovery and Science is open seven days a week and is located at 401 SW Second Street in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  For more information, make sure to check out their website at




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