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Why Eucalyptus Garden is a must when visiting Wilton Manners.

Why Eucalyptus Garden is a must when visiting Wilton Manners

Wilton Manners is a thriving community of LGBTQ that are living their best life with pride.  As a whole, the members are more than happy to open their community up to any and all that wish to visit.

Having been dubbed as “South Florida’s most famous gayborhood,” there is plenty to be delighted, and let’s admit it, surprised by when visiting Wilton Manners.  It is hard to miss the feeling of small-town America that the area exudes, along with the vibes that give one that “all are welcome” feel.

There is no loss of activities at Wilton Manners, as the area boasts a variety of shops.  However, the one area of the community that is a must-see it nestled within the rainbow eucalyptus trees.  Former referred to the Eucalyptus Garden, but now known as The Yard.  It is here that visitors can enjoy an area that was not only built beautifully but with intention as well, as it is both an entertaining and a dining oasis.


The original creative mind behind what is now known as The Yard, Evan Anthony, explained his vision as:  “Let’s build around what the people want and need, not what the developer himself desires.”  Evans went on to say that he didn’t want to force his vision on people, and to that extent, The Yard has been organically growing since.

It is essential to know that a day trip to The Yard will not include an itinerary, as to have such a strict type of structured visit would go against all that The Yard stands for as well as its overall mood.  The Yard is not for those visitors in a hurry, but rather a place to slow down, relax, and breathe.  This slower pace is achieved through its artsy atmosphere, which includes a garden, painted trees, its variety of vintage shops, and various murals that show the artistic nature of their creators.

There are five things you will love when you visit The Yard in Wilton Manors:

  1. It is pretty much near impossible to go hungry when you visit The Yard.   There is a large variety of eateries that are perfect for grabbing a delicious meal.  With culinary influences based on American, French, and Mexican, you are sure to find just the flavors you are looking for.
  2. There is no lack of art, whether it be on the walls, and streets, or the trees.  The murals scattered about are the perfect backdrop for any photos or spur of the moment selfies.  Art is everywhere. Even the walkways are a genuinely delightful spectrum of colors.
  3. With its variety of popup shops, shoppers are sure to find just about anything they want.  Offerings ranging from jewelry to vintage clothing, to artwork and organic herbs all work together to make The Yard a true artist’s dream.
  4. Visitors can partake in live music that can be enjoyed throughout the property.  One of the restaurants, La Mexicana, offers live music each Taco Tuesday on one of their outdoor patios.
  5. Most importantly, The Yard is a place that can be enjoyed by both humans and their furry family members.  With an abundance of outdoor seating and walkways, your furry friend is sure to enjoy the visit just as much as you do.

To read more about The Yard and also to read how other people felt about the overall experience at The Yard, click this link and check out other people’s experiences. For those that are new to the area, it might be a little intimidating. Knowing what to expect and seeing how other people felt might make the experience better. 




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