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Pickup Truck in Fort Lauderdale Runs Into Cyclist

On Highland Beach in Fort Lauderdale, there was an atrocious bicycle accident that injured multiple cyclists.  Although road rage is a common occurrence and getting angry at other drivers is a common occurrence, acting upon that anger and purposely injuring other motor vehicle operators is

How Important Are Medical Records

To get to the point, the medical record and medical bills as a result of a car accident in Fort Lauderdale are evidence that you got injured and that you needed the medical attention. If your car accident in Miami resulted in injuries, the only

Is Property Damage All I Am Entitled To?

First, we must define property damage.  Property damage is damage to your vehicle aka, personal property.  But property damage isn’t JUST direct damage to your car, it’s also: Towing expenses if your car is undriveable or totaled Rental car expenses until your car gets repaired

Hiring the Right Lawyer for the Right Time

For everything that requires lots of money or has you going to court, you might feel like you need to ALWAYS see a lawyer. The complications to a case and how long it can possibly drag makes it feel endless. There are so many questions

Parking Lot Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

You’re done shopping and now it’s time to go home. Walking to the parking lot, you get a weird vibe but you go anyway just to find that your car’s rear bumper and fender are completely messed up. It basically doesn’t exist. The rear bumper

Pedestrian Accidents at Night in Fort Lauderdale

Pedestrian accidents in Fort Lauderdale aren’t rare, but they happen enough times to consider them a significant cause of injury and possibly death in Fort Lauderdale. Just in 2017 alone, there were 42,000 crashes in Broward County. If that wasn’t bad enough, there were approximately

Facts About Back Injuries in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most common injuries in any given scenario is a back injury.  After a car accident, slip and fall accident, truck accident, or almost any accident in general, the most common injury sustained is a back injury. But how serious is back pain?
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